St. Paul's Church, Widnes

St Paul's is an extended family here at the heart of Widnes on a journey into God. 

We come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and ages. Some have been part of St Paul's for many years; others have joined us over the last few months. All are equal. Some are particularly active and involved, others less so, but we are all in our own way seeking to connect with and go deeper with God.

This is our website with all the official information on, to meet the community itself, check out our facebook page

St. Paul's Church

Welcome Weeks:

We would love to welcome you to St Paul’s. You may have never been into a church in your life. You may have once been part of a church but life happened and somehow that connection dwindled away. You may be interested in exploring spirituality, or be looking for a positive community you and perhaps your children can be part of. Perhaps Christmas and New Year gives you the feeling ‘there must be more to life than this’. A resolution perhaps to step out and make a change? 

Everyone is welcome at St Paul’s at any time, But we know that it can be hard to walk in to somewhere new. Therefore we are having two Welcome Weeks in January, when you are particularly invited, and we will be specially looking out for new folks. 

One size does not fit all. Therefore St Paul’s is made up of many different parts, who gather at different times, in different places, and engage with each other and God in different ways. On this site you will find six different parts of St. Paul's inviting you to join in during these weeks:

St. Paul's @ 4

St. Paul's @ 10.30

St. Paul's @ Spoon's

Morning Prayer

St. Paul's Long Loaf

St. Paul's Sofa