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Leadership Team

We have many people at St Paul's who lead and serve at St Paul's. These are just some of our wonderful leaders... 
The Sharples Family: 
Rev Greg & Sophie Sharples

Greg and Sophie are married and have 3 beautiful children: 
Seb, Bea and Josiah. They have been in Widnes for 4 years now. 

Greg is our vicar here at St Paul's. He is passionate about Jesus 
and believes serving Him should be fun - which you'll notice
whenever you interact with him. 

Sophie leads our Parent and 
Toddler group as well as the Sunday school for under 7s. Sophie
is an all-round wonder woman who is powerful in prayer, praise 
and pastoral care. 

Dave & Fran Griffiths - Ordinands

Dave and Fran moved to Widnes in September 2017 from the Isle of Man to be ordinands at St Paul's. This means that while they are completing their training to become vicars, they are learning, serving and working at St Paul's! Dave and Fran are both particularly gifted in prayer and worship. At the moment Dave is leading our community lunch group - Long Loaf - and Fran is leading our Alpha course. Fran and Dave also lead and preach within our Sunday services.

Steve Shuttleworth - Trainee Layreader 

Steve works in finance and in his spare time is training to be a layreader. Steve has grown up at St Paul's and is a faithful and prayerful leader. Steve is also one of the first to volunteer for jobs that need to be done and his love for Jesus and for others shines through in everything he does. Steve currently serves as a leader and preacher in our Sunday services as well as other roles within church such as a member of the PCC. 

Dave and Rev Ashley Ross - Youth Leaders 

Dave and Ashley have been living and serving in Widnes since August 2017. They are both excited about the mission of Jesus and the adventure that serving Him is! Dave is a nurse with particular experience in tropical medicine - ask him about his time in Africa - and Ashley is a priest in the Church of England and currently studying at the Nazarene college in Manchester. Ash and Dave lead our youth work on a Sunday afternoon and have just started a Youth Missional Community too. 
Felicity Price - Administrator 

Felicity is our administrator here at St Paul's. As well as arranging baptisms, weddings and funerals, Felicity is also our hall manager as well as producing our news sheet and completing countless other jobs with a commitment to excellence. She is a lady of wisdom and grace and a joy to chat to and probably one of the first people you will meet if you pop into our church or hall during the week.  

Sharon Collins - Trainee Layreader

Sharon is currently training to be a layreader in the Church of England. Sharon is such an enthusiastic lady and takes real joy in sharing her faith and telling the story of the transforming love of Jesus. She currently leads the Sofa group here at St Paul's as well as leading and preaching at some of our Sunday services. 

Kirsty O'Grady - Young Adults Minister

Kirsty has worked at St Paul's for almost two years now and is currently serving as the young adults minister. She grew up in Widnes and after a short time away for a few years to study Theology and Performing Arts, she returned home to serve at St Paul's. She loves leading sung worship, having fun and chatting to people. She is also involved in leading and preaching at our Sunday services as well as working with the local colleges and serving in other roles within the church. 

Liz Perera - Sofa Leader