St Paul's @10.30 Update

posted Sep 6, 2016, 2:24 AM by Kirsty O'Grady
The church website, describes our Sunday morning service as a welcoming, relaxed ‘classic’ church service, with hymns, sermon, readings and prayers. Yes, it’s all these things, but I believe it is far more than just the sum of those parts. 

As someone who has attended our church for over 44 years, I can testify that the format of the Sunday morning service has changed many, many times over the years, but, at its heart, there remain the key components of Worship, Biblical Teaching, Communal Prayer and Fellowship. 

Over the last twelve months or so, we have been blessed, in a growth in numbers who attend 10.30am. We have gone from an average of about 30+ to about 40+. It’s been really encouraging to see new people joining the church family as well as taking an active role in leading prayers and doing the bible readings. 

Growth obviously is an important thing in the life of any church and that’s no different for the 10.30am service. We are seeking to attract people to come along and experience meeting with Jesus, to hear God’s word and to be challenged by it. As with most things a personal invitation often works best. 

I think there are four fantastic things that the 10.30am service has to offer: 
    1. Massive experience of knowing Jesus. - The community at 10.30 has literally hundreds of years of                     experience of knowing Jesus. Just think about how much guidance and encouragement we can give to others,         especially those people that are just beginning their walk with Jesus. 
    2. Loving Fellowship. It is amazing how much care is shown to one another by the 10.30 family. People do not         sit in ‘splendid isolation’ in their pew, it is quite the opposite. People do say hello, they do ask how you’re            doing, and they do take time to talk with you. 
    3. Generous commitment – In my experience the people who come to 10.30am are generous with their time and     money. A number of people attend at least one other of the ‘balloons’ at St Pauls and/or they give their time to            serve God in many, many ways, doing all those jobs that need doing that nobody notices until people stop doing        them! 
    4. Refreshments after the service - Superb coffee/tea/biscuits, served by our smiling team of volunteers. A great         way to get to know each other a little bit better. 

Just like all the ‘balloons’ at St Paul’s, St Pauls@ 10.30 seeks to serve God and the local community. Why not come along. 

Steve Shuttleworth