St. Paul's @ Spoon's Update

posted Aug 24, 2016, 12:52 AM by Bethany Austin
A few months ago I wrote talking about the process of moving from one Spoon's group to two Spoon's groups. I spoke a little about some of the pain and difficulty involved and how we were stepping out in faith to create something new. Now that we are well into this process, I have a few more reflections I can share with you all.
Something I have discovered in this process is the importance of prayer and fasting when stepping out like this. After spending a day praying and fasting as the leadership team, we got a much clearer sense of what it is God is seeking to do with our Wednesday group, and have been able to press forward with much more confidence, knowing that we are called to lead a group which is inspired by and related to Spoon's, but not identical. This correction was so encouraging for us, and helped us to persevere.
The first few weeks were difficult, getting so few at meetings. After a while though, we started to develop relationships with people, and now have a decent group who come along to our socials. This isn't just a matter of blindly continuing in what you have already been doing though, it is so important to meet people where they are, not where you are. 
Our existing format was great for us, but not for the people we longed to see joining our group. So we listened to God, and we shook it up. Now we're running a series of socials for all different tastes to get people interested and along before we get started with an Alpha course in September.
Thank you all for your prayers, we encourage you to keep us in your prayers as we carry on in our journey of working out what following Jesus in the whole of life looks like for 18-30s in Widnes.
Jack Austin