St Paul’s @ Spoons Update: Multiplication – 1 Year On

posted Jul 18, 2017, 7:24 AM by Kirsty O'Grady

So it has been about a year since we multiplied St Paul’s @ Spoons and we thought you might like to know how we’re getting on! Last year we decided to multiply Spoons to run on a Tuesday AND a Wednesday as the group had grown to the point where people struggled to hear each other across the table and there was no more room for growth.

I have a terrible confession to make – I didn’t really like the idea of this multiplication. I didn’t particularly see the need for it (as I had been away for a couple of months at Uni) and didn’t understand how we’d continue to run with such small groups.

A Wednesday night started with 4 of us but this very quickly went to 3 then back up to 4, we had one or two join us for a season but nobody seemed to stick. That was really difficult and sort of reinforced my belief that this was needless – “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. However, as the leaders of the Wednesday group, Jack and I decided to spend a day fasting and praying together for Wednesday Spoons, asking Jesus what he wanted us to do to grow that group and his answer was simple – Alpha. So we started an Alpha course in Spoons on a Wednesday night and for the first few weeks there was the usual four but no one else and then we had one new person join, and then another and another… As I write this it’s Thursday and there were 7 of us at Spoons last night (and that’s with one of our regulars missing).

I could never have imagined that Spoons would be thriving over 2 nights in such a way but it is beautiful to see! It is even getting to the point now where we’re asking what’s next? What can we do to help spiritually nourish the people that are continuing to join us? How can we give room for more growth and more scope for all sorts of different people to join us?

So please do pray for us as we enter this new season of asking what is next for St Paul’s @ Spoons and
in general the young adults work at St Paul’s? Please pray for me as I listen to Jesus and try to take the initial obedient steps that he directs.