The St Paul's Way - Come Along!

posted Sep 19, 2016, 6:44 AM by Kirsty O'Grady
So if you’re reading this, my guess is that a lot of you have already mastered this part of the St Paul’s Way. “Come along” refers to us attending at least one of the St Paul’s “balloons” every week. Felicity wrote a few weeks ago about how important her family and friends are to her. “Come along” is the part of the St Paul’s Way which gives us the chance to create more of these meaningful friendships with other Christians by being a part of one of these communities.

I have been to St Paul’s @ 4 and St Paul’s @ Spoons every week when I’ve been in Widnes for almost 2 years now and I’ve grown to know so many of you so much better through that. I have been privileged enough to see people grow in their faith and their confidence – things which I may have never been privy to had I not committed to attending these groups every week. 

Likewise, God has used these groups as places to grow my relationship with Him. In spending time with other Christians (both simply for fellowship and fun as well as to study the Word and pray) Jesus has consistently spoken into my life. In the hardest times when perhaps it has been harder for me to seek his guidance alone or perhaps I’ve felt exhausted and not necessarily wanted to attend the groups he has faithfully spoken a word of truth, a promise, an encouragement to me and through me to other members of the group. 

So you see? The encouragement to “come along” not only helps us but helps others too – I love seeing you all every week (and I know Jesus enjoys seeing us spend time together too)!

                                                                                                                                                Kirsty O'Grady