The St Paul's Way - Missionary Moment

posted Oct 18, 2016, 1:46 AM by Kirsty O'Grady   [ updated Sep 21, 2017, 9:26 AM ]

As we continue our fortnightly look at the St Paul’s Way - Healthy Habits that help us connect to God, our Church and our World - our attention turns to a habit that leads us outward, “Missionary Moment”. 


What does it look like for us at St Paul’s to point someone who does not know Jesus towards him? Not just once. Not once a year, or even a month, but on a weekly basis? What does it mean for us to have a habit of taking the opportunities that God gives us to introduce people to Him?


Now, I’ve been around churches long enough to know that the moment we start talking about evangelism, or anything that smells a bit like it, we can end up either feeling rather guilty about missed opportunities, or feeling bad that we are not very good at this sort of thing. These are understandable responses especially when we think about the potentially awkward conversations we might end up having and the associated potential for rejection. If you are feeling like that here are some words of encouragement:


1.    Point someone to Jesus. This doesn’t mean once a week we all need to be street preachers, but rather, that in our own ways, appropriate to our own jobs, communities etc we offer pointers to Jesus. This could be inviting someone to Long Loaf, thinking of a way to bless a work colleague (and then doing it) or praying with a friend - or anything else you can think of.

2.    Conversations about faith are great but we can easily be asked tricky questions. Offering people prayer takes a conversation away from arguing about principles and towards meeting Jesus.

3.    You don’t have to be an expert. In Mark 6 when Jesus sends out the 12 disciples, the thing that has just happened in the previous passage is that he’s being rejected in his home town, unable to do what he wanted there.

I find this encouraging because Jesus doesn’t send us out saying we need to succeed each time but rather he does it acknowledging that it is not easy - even for him. 


So why should we share our faith? Some closing words from the book of Philemon v6:


“I pray that you will be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.”


If we want to know Jesus more, it seems pointing others to him is part of that.