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Baptism (also called Christening)

We are pleased to baptise people of all ages here at St Paul's, as a sign of God's welcome and blessing. 

There is no charge for baptism - God is welcoming you, not your wallet. 

We would meet with you to talk through what is involved, but we believe God wants to welcome people, not set up hoops to jump through. In particular, we are often asked if we are prepared to baptise a child whose mum is fifteen, or whose dad isn't around, or whose parents aren't married, or a whole host of other things. The answer is simple - this is about God and the child, not some moral judgements about the parents. 

If you want God to be involved in your child's life, talk to us about baptism. 

And its not just about children. If God has started to become real to you, talk to use about being baptised. It is a great moment - meaningful, deep and fun all in one.