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It's a great privilege, even if sometimes a great sorrow, to conduct funerals. If you have been bereaved, or someone close to you has, or you are thinking ahead yourself, just get in touch. Here are four frequently asked questions. 
  • How do I arrange for a funeral to be in church?
Normally your first point of contact is with a funeral director. If you tell them you want the funeral in St Paul's, or one of us to conduct the service, they will contact with us. Feel free to contact us direct if you wish. 
  • What if we don't go to church?
That doesn't matter. We intend to always say yes to a request to conduct a funeral of someone who lived in St Paul's parish, or had a connection to the church. This is true if the funeral is to be here in church, or just at the chapel in Widnes Crematorium.
  • We want something simple / modern / traditional
If we are conducting the funeral, we will sit down with you and talk it all through with you, to produce something meaningful and fitting for your loved one. If you have lots of ideas, great, if you just want us to guide you, that's fine too. Modern CD music is fine in church, but so are the great old hymns. 
  • Is it expensive to have a funeral in church?
No. All the money questions are handled by the funeral director, but a service in church is only a small element of the overall costs.