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We love weddings. St Paul's church makes a great venue for your wedding, but more than that we believe that God wishes to be part of your wedding, and to support you in your married life together. Get in touch and we will talk it all through, but here are four frequently asked questions:
  • Does it cost a lot to be married in church?
No. The basic cost including all the planning and legalities is normally about £450 - £500, for which you and your family and friends will get a great occasion - fun, joyful but with the right amount of seriousness too. 
  • Do I have to attend church regularly? What if one of us is Catholic?
Anyone who lives in St Paul's parish, or who has a connection with church (maybe you used to live near, or your parents were married here, or you were baptised here?) can get married here. The church is here for the people of Widnes, its not a club. 
  • Does it take ages to organise?
No. You can actually organise a wedding in church in about 5-6 weeks. Of course people often book 12-18 months ahead, but you don't need to. 
  • What if I'm divorced?
Marriage is a lifelong commitment, but we know things can go wrong in life. God believes in new life, not in being imprisoned by our past. Speak to us, it is often possible.