Values, Vision & Strategy

So how are we going to achieve this?

We believe in : 
Celebrating Jesus - He is the Way, the Truth and the Life... He is worthy of praise and the reason why we celebrate!  
Encouraging Each Other - Everyone needs a little encouragement. Whether that is helping each other sometimes when life can be tough or challenging each other to help each other be bold! 
Loving Widnes - We absolutely love our town! That doesn't mean we think it's perfect but it does mean that we want to see our town thrive. If we can help Widnes in any way we want to do that - we as the Church of Jesus do not exist only for ourselves but for others. 

 Although we love our town, there are some terrible statistics in Widnes concerning mental health issues, addiction and domestic abuse to name just a few. By Brewers Fayre at the Hive there is a plaque that describes Widnes as a poisonous hell hole. 

We want to see our town transformed into a thriving place of health and wholeness - a place known as somewhere where heaven has broken through to Earth. 

 There are lots of different groups of people that meet as part of St Paul's. These groups meet at different times and places throughout the week/month/year with different focuses and aims. Although all of our values are part of daily life - certain groups will focus more on one value than an another. 

Whilst all our groups celebrate Jesus the groups that focus on this the most are Services and Festivals. These are the largest groups! Really they can be any size but we think of the feeding of the 5000 (look it up in Mark's Gospel Chapter 6) - a great crowd of people meeting with Jesus, worshiping Him, being fed by him and sent out! 

Missional Communities' main focus is loving Widnes! This group size is usually up to about 50 people although we think of the sending of the 72 (look it up in Luke 10). This is a group of people who are focused on sharing the ove of Jesus with other people - whether that is practically through providing food or by introducing them to the giver of life Himself! 

Small Groups & Core Groups are places of discipleship where we encourage each other, learn from the bible and are honest with each other about our successes and failures. Small groups tend to be up to about 12 people - Jesus taught his disciples often a lot more in-depth than he taught the crowds of people (check out Matthew 5-7). Core groups are 2-3 people - these are people that you are the most open and honest with, who you pray with, dream with, laugh with, cry with etc.(Jesus had 3 disciples - Peter, James and John- who he took almost everywhere with Him). 

For more information about any of these things, please speak to one of our leadership team!