The St. Paul's Way

Healthy Habits that help connect us to God, our Church, and our World:
Daily Prayer: Take a few minutes each day in prayer.
Bible Reading: Read and Ponder a small piece of scripture every day.
Good Deeds: Do a Good Deed or offer support (sometimes within the St. Paul's Family and sometimes beyond it).

Family and Friends: Quality time with friends/family.
Come Along: Attend a St. Paul's group or service. Some who are part of St. Paul's cannot make it because of illness. For them, come along changes to make a connection with them. 
Missionary Moment: Point someone who does not know God to Him.
Serve Here: Do a practical job in the life of the Church.
Visit Someone: Visit a member of St. Paul's that you don't see regularly. Either those who cannot make it or from a different part of the Church.
Something Different: Seek out other Christian experiences by visiting other balloons or going to an event outside St. Paul's